Puppy Training


Puppy Training Uxbridge, MA

The best things you can do for a new puppy in your household is to teach them, guide them, properly socialize and introduce them to real world distractions. Aside from a puppies genetic predisposition you essentially have a ball of clay ready to be sculpted into the dog you want for life. For puppies we feel it is mandatory to train them from the moment you bring them home. Our puppy package is open for pups 3 months to 5 months old.

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“The Perfectly Polished Puppy” 3 private sessions – ($249)

Expect to:

  • Build a bond
  • Begin leash work
  • Begin essential commands through hand luring
  • Introduce your dog to distractions
  • Socialization through environmental factors
  • Develop a household structure and schedule
  • Grooming tips and suggestions
  • “Housebreaking 101”
  • Address problem areas such as jumping, nipping and biting

**Within 3 months of completing our “TPPP” program you can sign up for any adult dog package for $50 off.**